Trinity United Methodist Charge
Sunday, April 18, 2021

Prayer Shawl Ministry


The J/C Prayer Shawl Ministry was formed in the spring of 2005. The purpose of this ministry is to provide the comfort of God’s Love through knit and crocheted shawls. While the maker is working on the garment, they are in prayer for the intended or unknown recipient. Members feel that the activity in the knitting and crocheting is a form of prayer.
As of mid 2009, over six hundred (600) shawls have been distributed. The high school and college graduates in the charge have received shawls over the last several years, as well as persons baptized in the churches of the charge. Illness and sad occasions as well as joyful occasions such as anniversaries have been reasons to give someone a shawl. Each Mission team with a member from the charge has a shawl sent with them to give away as led by God during their time in the Mission area and shawls have been sent as far as Cuba and Guatemala. The “Silent Sermon” held during Advent has yielded “Advent Blankets” and in 2008 caps were made for newborns. Recipients continue to be identified by many sources – from persons the members discern could use the shawls, and by other names brought to the attention of members. No fee is charged, but donations are accepted.
An informal meeting is held monthly to bless shawls and keep members connected. Members are comprised of persons from all the churches on the Trinity charge as well as others with an interest in the ministry. Information about meetings is distributed through church bulletins and by email. New members are always welcome – to knit, crochet or simply join in the spirit. Members of the Prayer Shawl Ministry are eager to teach others their craft and expand the ministry. 
For additional information regarding the J/C Prayer Shawl Ministry contact the church office at 304-457-1123.
Pastor Tim's Shawl presented May 29,2011 
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