Trinity United Methodist Charge
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Extended Mission Ministry through Heart and Hand House, Inc.

A Christian Ministry serving Barbour County, West Virginia since 1965


The relationship between Crim Memorial and Heart and Hand goes back many years. The influence that Crim has had on the success of this ministry cannot be overstated. Heart and Hand is indebted to those early visionaries who got everything started. We are also grateful to those who have through the years accepted the challenge to serve as board members. Finally, there are those who take special care of Heart and Hand today; they are the Crim ladies who prepare the meals for each Board of Directors meeting. We are blest to have them volunteer their time and talents.

 Back in 1965 several members of area churches were asked to assist with a local project that would provide necessary items to low income families in the area. Heart and Hand was started and over the next forty years it has continued to minister to low-income persons in the area through a variety of special programs.

 From the very beginning Crim has played an instrumental part in every aspect of the operations of Heart and Hand. Members of Crim Memorial have always been on the Board of Directors. In fact Crim is the only church with a full forty years of providing leadership. John Loyd has the distinction of being a “founding father” and has served continuously on the board. Current board members from Crim, in addition to John, are Elaine Benson and Cortez Tipton along with Pastor Alicia. Past pastors have been active while on the board and Rev. Craig Michel served as president. Other church members who served on the board were Elza Wilson, Maurice Allman, Elizabeth and Jim Ramsey, and Pete Tenney. 

 Right now there are several ways that Crim is supporting the ministry efforts. Directly through donations to the food pantry, emergency assistance funds, the layette program and the “Undie Sunday” underwear project. And indirectly through the fair share giving known as “Apportionments” and the “Hope for Tomorrow” campaign which provide additional funds.

 Every summer work teams come from other areas of the country to fix up homes. Several are “housed” at Crim. They use the church as home base to prepare meals, have devotions and to sleep in the Sunday school rooms. The teams’ first glimpse of Barbour County people is through Crim Memorial. They love staying here.   You are great hosts.

  Several years ago after the Heart and Hand Thrift Store in Philippi was remodeled there was no place to have Board of Directors’ meetings. Crim Memorial was there to offer the fellowship hall. Within a short time the United Methodist Women took on the responsibility of preparing meals for the monthly meeting. Currently, the kitchen crew consists of Lucille Malone, Bertha Allman, Leah Richards, led by Beryl Curkendall. The Board meetings flow more smoothly now that meals are done with their special touch.

 The on-going strong relationship between Heart and Hand Ministries and Crim Memorial United Methodist Church is very special. The effectiveness of the programs offered to the community would not be as great without this teamwork. Through the decades we have been a “ministry in motion” because of your involvement.

 As you celebrate 100 years of ministry and witness, Heart and Hand is excited for all of you. You have already accomplished many wonderful things and you have many creative visions for tomorrow. This is a special time to be a member of the congregation known as Crim Memorial United Methodist Church. Heart and Hand House, Inc. congratulates you for your faithfulness and dedication to the work of the “kingdom.”

 Hallelujah and Blessings,

 Bob Wilkins, Director

(Letter written by Bob Wilkins to Crim Memorial Anniversary committee for inclusion in 100 year anniversary celebration book entitled "One Hundred Years in Christ")