Trinity United Methodist Charge
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Crim Has A New Organ

Jason Baker, Cris Nagorka, Lillian Long
 Mr. Cris Nagorka of Kanawha Organ Works, Charleston, WV, came to Crim Memorial Church on the evening of September 14, 2004, to discuss the possibility of building a new pipe organ for the church. The meeting was open to the church congregation. Those attending were Lillian Long, organist; Lewis Hall, chair of the Music Department at Alderson-Broaddus College; choir member, Elaine C. Smith; church members, Vivian Hathaway and Maurice L. Allman.
Lillian, organist at Crim Memorial since 1987, had first broached the possibility of a new organ back in 1998. She and others had long recognized the need for updating the organ, not only to provide quality music, but for relief for her self who worked each Sunday to make a dated and failing instrument perform as needed.
Cris Nagorka described some of the features of the pipe organ as follows: six ranks of pipes installed in the attic space where current speakers for the electric organ are located, an oak console with two keyboards and full pedal board, to be installed at the same place the current electric console sits, two new decorative grills covering the openings on either side of the altar, possibly flanked by “dummy” pipes, to replace current grills. The pipe organ would be new except for the console, and built specifically for Crim. It would be built with quality parts and with a 10 year warranty.
There would be minimum maintenance since there would be no reed pipes to tune (these go out of tune much more quickly than other pipes in a pipe organ); Cris estimated a cost of no more than $200 a year for tuning, maintenance of the organ and perhaps less.
The total cost of the organ would actually be less than estimated five years earlier at a cost of $48,200. The payments would be due in four installments. Minor work to the attic space, including installing a new floor, walls, ceiling, painted white, a new light, and removing old wiring, would need to be done prior to installation. The installation of the actual organ would not disrupt church services in any way.
Crim Memorial’s Board of Trustees and Administrative Council members were positive and convinced Pastor Alicia Rapking to bring the matter to the church at large. After prayerful consideration and distribution of a survey asking members what they would contribute to such an endeavor, the church family decided “yes” to the building of a new pipe organ in honor of the 100th birthday of the church.
Cris Angora began building the organ in his workshop in Charleston in late December, 2004. Dewey Poe, Crim church member, and Charlie Malcolm did the preparation work in the attic space in January, 2005. Cris Niagara hopes to install the organ after Easter (late March, early April), just in time for the May 2005 birthday celebration.

For more information on the organ visit Kanawha Organ Works online.