Trinity United Methodist Charge
Saturday, February 16, 2019

Message from Pastor Sam

                                                                                          The Greatest Invitation

                                                                                        O come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant,
                                                                                      O come ye, O come ye, to Bethlehem.
                                                                               Come and behold him,
                                                                              born the King of angels;
                                                                             O come, let us adore Him,
                                                                         Christ the Lord.

Merry Christmas:

                     It is my joy to once again bring you Christmas greetings from your Pastoral family. Christmas for us is indeed a special time as we celebrate our Lord’s Birth. A time to think about the Miraculous Blessing of Christmas; the awe and wonder of the season. A season which come with busy schedules and stressed lives. Yet, in this time, have you taken the time to realize that each one has a part in the splendor of Christmas, for we all have been given an invitation to Come and behold the Newborn King.

        I recently found out that in the song, Come All Ye Faithful, there is a great controversy over the author. It is not certain who wrote this glorious Christmas hymn. Yet one certain thing is, it has an awesome invitation; one in which we are invited to come and worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  The words remind us to come; joyful and triumphant to Bethlehem.

      Christmas is such a busy time in the life of the Church. There is a flurry of activities in the Churches of the Trinity Charge.  Yet in all our busyness, I must wonder are we thinking about the invitation we have been given.  Secondly, I wonder if we realize the invitation that was given, both through Scripture and the above hymn, is something that we are called to share. What makes the Christmas Season so awesome is that all are invited to be part of the invitation issued to us.

    I am proud of the Ministry accomplished in our Churches during the last year. We have made known God’s presence in our communities and around the world. We have shared the invitation to come and worship whether it was here or even in another country. Through our efforts, we have been faithful in our commitments, our giving, and the sharing the Love of Christ.  Great Job Churches! I am thankful to be the pastor of such dedicated congregations.

     While I say that, I also want to remind you that it takes each and every one of us to share this great invitation. I ask you as you can, please remember to support your Church with your Prayers, Your Presence, Your Gifts, Your Service and your Witness. It really does take each and every one of us being the Church to help others hear the greatest invitation ever given.

Blessings and Peace


Pastor Samuel J. Haught