Trinity United Methodist Charge
Saturday, April 04, 2020

Message from Pastor Sam

                                                                                                                                                                                                    March 18, 2020

Greetings Crim Memorial Church Family,

      I pray this mailing finds you well. I know we are all a little perplexed these days as things have certainly changed in the last few days. I urge you and remind you to remember and trust that God is still with us in our Chaotic World. Furthermore, to remember the disciples were once scared of the storm that raged before them. The Lord spoke, “Peace be still” and the waters calmed. Take time during the turmoil of your day and Read God’s word, Pray and Meditate. I trust you will find some comfort and solace.

    I am writing today to encourage you to keep up the faith and continue serving God, as we the Church are trying to do. We have come up with somewhat of a plan as to what our Church community will look like until the Corona Virus epidemic is under control or dies down a bit. Of course, many of these suggestions will depend upon the Numbers of Cases we see in the coming days, and what the CDC recommends we do. We will keep you posted as to changes as they come along.

   I also want to say that if you are at risk, if it is your age, medical condition, or if this whole thing just troubles you in any way, we understand if you don’t attend functions. We are not trying to push anyone into something they feel uncomfortable with. We are merely trying to offer opportunities for the Church to still be able to be in prayer and support its members and ministries. I have outlined below some important information for you in the coming days.


1.       Meetings - We will not be holding any meetings as large groups until further notice. Meetings we have will be limited access and will be possibly conducted over the phone or by other means, such as Church Council, Trustees, UMW, Finance or others.

2.      Worship- We are going to have some sort of gathering at the traditional time. It probably will not look much like traditional worship, but for those who wish to come out, we will have an opportunity to gather in small groups and reflect upon God’s word. I have people who have agreed to lead these groups in our space here at the Church, although each group will be housed in a different area.

3.      Financial Support- We ask that you continue to support your Church as we have financial obligations even if there is not worship. You can drop off your donation in the Church mail slot which is located near the back of the Church in the white double doors. You could mail it, we have enclosed one but if you would like another self-addressed envelope call the Church office at 304-457-1123. Also, Crim Memorial now has an online giving option. Included in this mailing is a letter addressing online giving. You can also have your bank do direct deposits to the Church account, (you would need to set this up with your bank).


 1.      Email/One Call- We will be using email and/or One Call for a large part of our communications. If you are on the email list the Church has, you should have received an email this week from Jane Ensminger. If you did not receive the email, notify the Church Office. We have most folks on One Call now, if you are not getting calls please let us know.

2.      Online Worship- Lewis Hall, me, and Judy Smith are working on putting together a worship service that can be either in an email or social media platform. Of course, to use this you would need either email or a social media account. We might be able to put this in on Facebook or YouTube. 

3.      Children- We are going to work on a way to still reach the Children of our Church and community with some smaller events geared around children, and will be dependent upon our Children and youth workers here at Crim.

4.      If you are unable to get out and need assistance, I hope we can get some of our healthier folks to assist. For example, if you need items from the store, or something of this nature call the Church office 304-457-1123 or the Pastor at 304- 614-5010.

5.      Prayer- We have included a Prayer for a Pandemic which was shared by our District Superintendent, Amy Shanholtzer. We urge you to read this prayer. Please pray it daily and be in prayer for those who are ill from the Virus, those are being tested, those who are self-quarantined, our Leaders both National and Local, our schools and those affected economically.


Many Thoughts and Prayers



       Pastor Sam