Trinity United Methodist Charge
Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Message from Pastor Sam

 “A Call to Be Thankful”

     Brothers and sisters in Christ, I bring you warmest thanksgiving blessings from the Trinity Charge United Methodist Churches. Do you realize that we are a blessed people, or do you realize how blessed we are? Thanksgiving is a time to focus upon the blessings of life. Think about the food on your table and the shoes on your feet, it may not be the best but in all things, we are blessed.
   In the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 17, we find a story of Ten Lepers who come to Jesus for a healing. All where cleansed, but only one who the scripture says was a Samaritan (not a pure Israelite) stopped to give thanks. The others simply went on their way. Point being, far often we overlook the blessings of life. These men who were outcast because of their disease were banned from the healthy community. When they were healed, they may have been grateful to return to the ones they loved around them, but they forgot to give thanks for the great blessing they had received.
    Throughout the Scriptures, thanks or some form of the word are mentioned 115 times. I think that God is trying to get us to see something. Perhaps to be grateful for life itself, so during this thanksgiving focus upon the blessings of life, meditate upon what we have and be thankful.  I will say I am grateful for my family, the few possessions I have, the place God has called me to serve, but most of all I am thankful for a Savior who would die for a sinner like me.
    Here is your challenge: everyday, not just during thanksgiving, take a few moments and see what God has blessed you with. I think it will surly surprise and help to grow within you a thankful heart. Remember during this time to think of others in need, for indeed the greatest feeling we will ever find is to help someone in need.
    May the joy of thanksgiving fill your life. 

  Pastor Sam