Trinity United Methodist Charge
Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Message from Pastor Sam

 “A Carol of Hope”
Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
     I trust that the Christmas season fills your life with the love of Christ and fills your heart with the love of God. Christmas should be a time of hope as we are celebrating the birth of the One who brings hope into a wounded and broken world. If you are like me, sometimes the holiday season gets so tasked with dates and events, that it becomes a struggle to keep up with it all. The important thing is this, to think about the Reason for the Season, and the Hope that the Birth of the Christ Child brought to this world so many years ago.
       I recently learned a lot about the world’s most well-known Christmas Carol Silent Night. It was written as a poem by a man named Joseph Mohr. Mohr was trying to find something to bring hope to the people he served in Orndorff, Austria. The people there had faced war and needed something to help them find a sense of hope. Mohr penned a poem in 1816 and two years later his organist Franz Gruber came up with the melody. Silent Night in its form, somewhat as we know it, was first penned on Christmas Eve, 1818, and the great carol we know and love was born out of two men’s love for God and the people they served that were in a great need of hope.
    We, in today's world, need hope today right here in Barbour County and around the world. The hope we need is only found in one place and that is in the one who Mohr and Gruber sang about in Silent Night.  I am so excited to think about the wonderful things we have accomplished in the churches of the Trinity Charge this last year. Just today, I got to share that love and offer a little hope to a church that was damaged in the recent flooding in Wetzel County. Their goal was to be back in their building by Christmas Eve, and I hope the financial assistance you all blessed them with will help them sing Silent Night in their sanctuary this Christmas Eve.
    You see God's word reminds us that Christ is our Hope. He came to set His people free. We know what Hope is, but do we know how to find it or share it? The many things we do are a great beginning to sharing Hope with others, sometimes within our congregations and sometimes outside our walls, but regardless, we are called to share Hope with everyone.  It is at this point I want to say thank you. Through your answering the call to follow God, we are offering hope here in and around Barbour County. Thank you for your prayers, your presence at your church and the ministries of your gifts, your service and your witness that allow the charge of Barbour County to offer the kind of hope we find as we sing Silent Night to offer that hope to Barbour County and around the World.

Merry Christmas

Pastor Sam and Family