Trinity United Methodist Charge
Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Message from Pastor Sam

“You Are the Church”


     I remember growing up in rural Wetzel County where we were not too much diversified.  The only time I remember seeing people of color was when we would visit my great Grannie Elliot in Wellsburg, WV.  Her best friend, who she worked with, was black.  Her name was May Weaver.  When my family had an opportunity to visit our family in Wellsburg, May would come by.  She held me when I was just a few days old and would make a such a fuss over me.  Point is my Grandmother Yost, who was Grannie Eliot’s daughter, grew up in the same house as May Weaver’s children and therefore she never thought any different of May’s children as they were, for all practical purposes, her family.


     It amazes me the issues the 21st century church faces.  There are still schisms and divides among us.  We’re often separated by race, creed, color and in today’s world, sexual orientation.  Somewhere along the line we have forgot the old practice:  I am the Church, you are the Church, we are the Church together.  All around the world, we are precious in his sight.  My Jesus did not die for just “white folk”, or affluent folks or even clean folks.  He died for all the World.


     As the Church, we must remember as we move on and think about the world before us, that first and foremost we are Christian.  We have all, who believe in Christ, been washed clean with the blood that flows from Emmanuel’s veins.  That makes us family, no matter what else, we are part of God’s family when we claim the name Christian.  We are all God’s children and precious in his sight.


     I said a while back that there cannot be growth in the church until we stop the war within the church.  That statement goes from the top to the bottom.  It includes all of us.  We need to once again learn to be the church that was taught to us in the innocence of our childhood.  A church that was truly a “Church of all God’s people.”


     We simply cannot be a church of people just like us, who are alike.  We must embrace diversity in all ways.  We must love one another for who we are, not whom we are.





Pastor Sam