Trinity United Methodist Charge
Sunday, May 09, 2021

Philippi Sunday Bulletin


6th Sunday of Easter

May 9, 2021









*Call to Worship                                                                

The Spirit is coming to bless us all with a new song:                                             Let our joy be complete! Gifts for the good of all, poured out on all to teach us a new song: Love one another!
Strangers and neighbors, foreigners and family will join in the new song: No longer servants but friends!
Come, let our worship make a joyful noise,
rejoicing in the friendship of God.                                                                                   

Opening Prayer

Lord, we are gathered here today as one body, because you chose to call us your friends. We come from all walks of life. We have had our share of good days and bad days. In the world’s eye, we aren't good enough or worthy enough to have this bond; but in your sight, we are exactly who you need. Despite all the drama, we made it here to worship and praise your name. May the love we experience today in worship restore us, revive us, refresh us. God, use our broken selves as tools of hope and love on this day. Lord, we love you. Thank you for loving us and calling us your friends. It's in your name, we pray. Amen.

Musical Interlude



All:  This is my commandment, that you love on another as I have love you.

L: Let love be genuine and live in harmony; hate what is evil, hold fast to what is good. Outdo one another in showing honor, be humble and never conceited.

P: Love is stronger than death and jealousy is cruel as the grave. Floods cannot drown love and wealth cannot buy it.

All:  This is my commandment, that you love on another as I have love you.

L: Put love above all else; Let Christ’s peace rule your hearts. Always be forgiving, as Christ has forgiven you.

P: Love is not jealous or boastful, arrogant, rude, or stubborn, irritable, resentful, or possessive. Love is patient and Kind.

All:  This is my commandment, that you love on another as I have love you.

L: Do not love in word or speech only; love also in deed or in truth. Receive each other in sincerity, find mercy and grow old together.

P:  Love rejoices in the right; it bears, believes, hopes,

and endures all things, for love is faithful and endless.

All:  This is my commandment, that you love on another as I have love you.


Musical Interlude                                                                                        


Birthdays and Anniversaries


Season of Praise and Prayer Concerns


Morning Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer



                                                          John 15:9-17

Message                                                              Sandy Lantz

Prayer of Confession                                                                                   

Loving and merciful One, we thank you for the community in which you have placed us, for the brothers and sisters with whom we walk this pilgrim journey. Yet, we confess that we fail to love as you love. We push aside those whom we believe are the least in your Kingdom.
We fail to see your Kingdom in parables because we fail to see your Kingdom in each other. Form in us a new vision of community in which there is neither East nor West, neither South nor North. We pray for the sake of your Kingdom that both is and is not yet. Amen.

                Posted in Hearing the Parables with the Early Church on the Baylor University website.                                                                                                       


Postlude            (Please remain seated for Postlude) 





No Bible Study Monday, May 10th                     


On May 30th, the 5th Sunday of the month, there will be combined service of the Trinity Charge held in the Prayer Garden at Jerusalem UMC. Lunch will follow.



Jerusalem will have a yard sale & a hot dog sale on Saturday, May 15th beginning at 11:00 am.  They are hoping everyone will stop by!